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News   •   Sep 26, 2018 11:46 BST

TaholaCloud provides Business Intelligence and reporting for multi-site operators enabling you to make informed decisions quickly, easily and cost effectively.


1. Pre-built subscription based analytics solution
3. Designed by operators, for operators
4. Combines multiple data sources
5. Delivers insight and ROI
6. Intuitive and user friendly dashboards

TaholaCloud is revolutionising the way our customers evaluate their business and is enabling them to discover trends in their data, that they never knew existed. Don't just take our word for it though............

"We are delighted to be working with Tahola and excited about what we can achieve through the adoption of TaholaCloud across our 26 sites. We have worked in partnership with the development of the latest version of TaholaCloud ensuring it is truly fit for purpose, for operators across the hospitality sector.

Our Landlords are in the early stages of adoption but already, we are seeing a reduction in the time spent creating reports and a greater appreciation of the data which provides them with knowledge and therefore facilitating opportunities within our business. The application provides transparency together with allowing management to create incentives which can be effortlessly measured.

I believe TaholaCloud will be a real game changer for us, enabling a far greater insight into our business than ever before, giving us simple and easy access to complex data, from a single software solution.
I believe that TaholaCloud will truly revolutionise the way we evaluate our business forever."

Polly Dyson, Finance Director

"Pieminister has been growing for the last 5 years and we needed a solution to help analyse our numbers and in turn present them to our team & the board. We have been working with TaholaCloud for a little over 3 months and our relationship with the team at Tahola has been excellent.

We now have numbers at a click of a button in terms of turnover, margin, labour, sales mix, average spend & many more measures. We have reduced hours spent on building spreadsheets by 50% and we are discovering trends that we never knew existed.

TaholaCloud has many advantages in comparison to other systems I have used before, speed is one of them, data changing before your eyes as you change selections on sites / date periods / products & the other advantage is whilst you are purchasing a cloud solution you still have the opportunity to build your own dashboards/reports. These have now become part of the furniture here in a very short space of time. The GM’s have fantastic insight into their business and can really own their numbers on a daily basis which helps fuel the entrepreneurial spirit we encourage here at Pieminister.”

Chris Fletcher, Retail Operations Director

If you'd like to gain invaluable insights to inform and improve your daily decision making, then get in touch today. Email to request a TaholaCloud demonstration and we'll show you how.

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