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Insight and intelligence without the cost or complexity of traditional approaches

Blog post   •   Feb 09, 2018 07:45 GMT

The hospitality sector has been relatively slow to harness the full potential of ‘Big Data’, larger chains with sophisticated IT infrastructures have started to take advantage, but others are only just beginning to scratch the surface of the vast potential that understanding their data can bring to the business.We believe that TaholaCloud can be the linch pin for many organisations, where the sky is certainly not the limit as far as ‘Big Data’ insight is concerned. Because of the convergence of analytics software, cloud based computing and mobile devices, the benefits of ‘Big Data’ can be made available to just about everyone in the business.Adding TaholaCloud to your existing IT systems is not only cost effective, it also provides decision makers across the business with the evidence and insight needed to reduce costs, improve efficiency, enhance customer service and boost profits.

What is TaholaCloud?

  • Pre-built subscription based analytics solution with dashboards ‘designed by operators for operators’
  • Combines multiple data sources to deliver insight and ROI through intuitive and user friendly dashboards
  • Manages key drivers, providing insight and intelligence without the cost and complexity of traditional approaches
    • To INCREASE food and drink sales
    • To IMPROVE food and drink margins
    • To REDUCE labour costs
    • To MANAGE staff performance
  • Enables a better understanding of the inter-relationships between hospitality drivers, meaning ROI can be generated almost immediately

Benefits of TaholaCloud

  • Flexible subscription based model to meet your specific business needs
  • Accesible solution regardless of organisational size and budget
  • Self service dashboard development ensures the flexibility to meet your needs
  • Realtime access to business critical information
  • Minimal Capex investment
  • All available data can be accessed in one place
  • All key business information can be accessed on multiple devices in any location
  • Scalable solution, meaning additional users can be added quickly, with minimal effor
  • Intuitive and `user `friendly
  • One version of the truth
  • All KPIs in one place

Through the adoption of TaholaCloud the sky is definitely not the limit, there are endless opportunities to gain greater insight and intelligence from your data. So let TaholaCloud give your data a voice and contact us to find out how to explore your ‘Big Data’ and understand the ways in which it could truly revolutionise your approach to business analytics.

Leigh Baillie

Marketing Director


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